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It's hard to build a thriving & profitable business while living your best life. Each Tuesday, join Kendra James-Anderson, CEO of The Finance Femme LLC and Virtual CFO to several successful women entrepreneurs, as she shares business tips - and the occasional life hack - to help you get higher profits in business and more time to live life.


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Episode 06: Non-Negotiables For Intentional Business Growth

In this episode of the Level Up podcast, I’m talking about why defining your non-negotiables is critical when it comes to building a business that is in alignment with the life of your dreams.

If you’ve been wondering how to align the actions you’re taking right now to a larger purpose and your long-term business goals, this is the episode for you!


Episode 05: Level Up Your Business & Live Your Best Life

In this episode of the Level Up podcast, I’m talking about how to level up your business and still have a life, without sacrificing your spirit, your soul, and your sanity. We’ve all heard the old saying that “you can’t have it all”… but is that really true?


Episode 04: How to Go From Cash Low to Cash Flow

In this episode of the Level Up podcast, I’m talking cash flow… and sharing insider secrets that will help you go from cash low to cash flow. Whether you’re making $5,000 a month or $500,000 a month, if your business is making sales but your bank account isn’t really reflecting it, this is your episode.


Episode 03: Hiring & Retaining Great Employees

In this episode of the Level Up podcast, I’m talking all about hiring and retaining great talent on your team. If you’ve been struggling with hiring and retaining employees for maximum profit and productivity, this episode will help you hire and retain the right people for your team.


Episode 02: The Money is in the Metrics

In this episode of the Level Up podcast, I’m talking about the metrics you need to be tracking to guide the decisions that will lead to more sales in your business. If you’ve been wondering what actions you can begin taking right now to generate the results your business needs, you do not want to miss this episode.


Episode 01: Disrupt the Chaos in Your Business

If you’ve been wondering how to disrupt the chaos that’s keeping you stressed out and stuck, this week’s episode will help you free up your time, stop wearing all the hats, and finally implement the structure you need in your business.


Episode 00: Welcome to the Level Up Podcast

Welcome to the Level Up podcast, the podcast for high-performing business women! This mini episode will give you a quick introduction to what this podcast is all about.


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