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In this episode of the Level Up podcast, I’m talking all about hiring and retaining great talent on your team.

If you’ve been struggling with hiring and retaining employees for maximum profit and productivity, this episode will help you hire and retain the right people for your team.

In this episode, I’m chatting about...

  • Why getting clear on your long-term goals for your business is the key to efficient hiring
  • The importance of creating data-driven, measurable expectations for your employees
  • How reluctance to share metrics with your employees is setting them up for failure
  • The two things high turnover can tell you about your business

My Top Tips 

  • Be clear on what you need.
  • Have measurable goals for your team.
  • Gather feedback from your employees through regular reviews.
  • Know your company culture and be sure your team is in alignment with that.

Hiring and managing a team is a big deal! The management and support of your people is a crucial part of your business. While you should be focused on the overall vision as the CEO of your business, you cannot put your people on the back burner and expect your business to remain successful. Be sure you’re getting the support you need to ensure that you have a productive and profitable team.


Want to check out the transcript of the episode? Click here! 

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About Kendra

Kendra James Anderson is CEO of The Finance Femme LLC, and virtual CFO to several successful women entrepreneurs. She is a business owner, entrepreneur, and former corporate climber who loves all things business and finance and has a passion for sharing that knowledge with other high performers.


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