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In this episode of the Level Up podcast, I’m talking cash flow… and sharing insider secrets that will help you go from cash low to cash flow.

Whether you’re making $5,000 a month or $500,000 a month, if your business is making sales but your bank account isn’t really reflecting it, this is your episode.

In this episode, I’m chatting about...

  • Why it’s more fun to launch than to build (and why it’s so important to resist the urge to always be launching something new)
  • The policy most business owners overlook that can cause your business to bleed cash
  • The four levels of ROI that should drive your decision making

My Three Keys to Help You Go from Cash Low to Cash Flow

  • Focus and finish.
  • Collection discipline.
  • Know your spending.

Be sure to stay tuned until the end of the episode, where I’m giving you a step to take so you can start implementing these keys in your business now.

Want to check out the transcript for this episode? Click here! 

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About Kendra

Kendra James Anderson is CEO of The Finance Femme LLC, and virtual CFO to several successful women entrepreneurs. She is a business owner, entrepreneur, and former corporate climber who loves all things business and finance and has a passion for sharing that knowledge with other high performers.


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