Episode 11 | The Four Levels of ROI (Return on Investment)


The Four Levels of ROI (Return on Investment)

The Level Up Podcast: Episode 11

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In this episode of the Level Up podcast, I’m talking about the four levels of ROI.

If you’re one of the many people who requested more insights into the four levels of ROI that I'm always talking about, this episode is for you!

In this episode, I’m chatting about…

  • Why ROI should drive most business decisions
  • Why businesses that focus on ROI have higher profits, more sustainability, and less stress
  • How to determine the right mix of the four levels of ROI
  • How you can practice great spending versus poor spending using the four levels of ROI

My Top Tips 

  • Focus on spending with good ROI
  • When it comes to payroll, be wise about how much to pay yourself
  • Do not live in the convenience and luxury levels of ROI too much


You can follow Kendra’s journey on Instagram at @thefinancefemme.

About Kendra

Kendra James Anderson is CEO of The Finance Femme LLC, and virtual CFO to several successful women entrepreneurs. She is a business owner, entrepreneur, and former corporate climber who loves all things business and finance and has a passion for sharing that knowledge with other high performers.

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