Our Executive Accounting Services support thriving female business owners who need a sound financial foundation to strategically scale their business and systematize their operations.

You’ve proven your business concept, but you need more to get to the next level—and we’re not talking about more money.

In order to maintain your current business status and eventually scale, you must ensure your financial foundation is solid. That means your accounts are in order, you know where your money is coming from and going, you understand common financial reports and can answer basic questions about your business finances.

Hitting these milestones is a non-negotiable that our Executive Accounting Services can easily aid you in achieving.

It’s time to say goodbye to:


Confusion about your company’s financial status


DIYing your business finances


Settling for inexperienced bookkeepers and accountants

Are you ready to gain the financial clarity you need to take your business to the next level? Let’s do it!

Financial Clarity is the Precursor to Scaling

The Finance Femme Signature Framework outlines the process to sustainable business success: Ideate. Substantiate. Systematize. Scale.

When you have the support of our Executive Accounting services, you’ll be able to build the financial foundation you need to eventually scale. We don’t just do your work behind the scenes and leave you out of it. Instead, we are guided by our team value of “empower and support” which means providing you with the financial education and consulting you need to actually understand the state of your business finances.

We are here to help

Get The Clarity You Need With Executive Accounting

Our team is here to help you build the solid financial foundation you need and deserve to maintain and scale your business when you’re ready. When you add us to your team, you’ll receive a combination of bookkeeping, reporting and thought leadership services for a comprehensive accounting experience.




What our clients are saying

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CEO | Her Growing Hands


“As a sole owner of a business, i was conducting every aspect of my company as a solo contributor to the success. I needed a team and I’m glad i found that in The Finance Femme services.”
Crystal Barnett Testimonial Photo - The Finance Femme
Crystal Barnett Owner | Eye Candy Brow Salon
“The Finance Femme helped us to see the bigger picture concerning our finances and understanding how they will affect our ongoing goals. Kendra constantly encourages us to think long-term and to think outside of the box.”
Shawkneka Warren Testimonial Client Photo - The Finance Femme_result

Shawkneka Warren
Co-Owner | SESS Ray


How to Know if Our Executive Accounting Services Are Right for You

If you’re like most high-performing business owners, your plate is full. You’re engrossed in all aspects of running your multi-6-figure business. That leaves little to no time to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business finances—but not anymore. You’re ready to build a clear financial foundation with The Finance Femme if you:
Have never worked with an accountant before
Worked with an accountant but were kept out of the loop regarding your finances
Are generally confused about the state of your business finances
Want to stabilize your income and streamline your financial systems


Service based business that had not filed or paid their business taxes in 8 years.


The client was extremely concerned because not only had they not filed their taxes – they also had never kept up with their books. So they didn’t have any real figures to use in order to file.


Our team gathered access to all of their banks and necessary systems and did 8 years of back dated accounting. It was a massive undertaking because several banks dont carry statements from that long ago – but we cross referenced several systems to get the best result. We then used those financial reports and supporting documents to file their taxes. We also provided them with summarized and organized documentation for their records, should they need it in the future.

That’s great! Although we have an in-house Accounting Department & CPA, we also partner with existing professionals. If you’re unhappy with the professional you’re working with we can seamlessly transition you to our team.

No worries – we can set you up with ease! We specialize in properly setting up your Accounting systems (and fixing those that weren’t properly set up by someone else). It’s what we (love) to do!

Unfortunately, this happens too often. The good news is that we can definitely help. And I assure you that you will know what we’re doing, but more importantly you’ll see & feel the difference in your business & quality of life.

Our team can take care of all of your bookkeeping needs, and get your financial reporting caught up. We focus on bookkeeping and accounting – and can work directly with your Tax Preparer to get them what they need to file your tax returns. While we do not file the tax returns, we can help you get everything they need for your business.

On our Consultation Call, we will talk all about your business needs and I will give you my  specific recommendations and next steps for you. Simply click here to schedule the Consultation!

It’s one of our unique specialties! We can help you from beginning to end – budgeting for the position, sourcing talent, screening talent, onboarding, training, and more!