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In order to properly scale you need a financial partner who understands the ins and outs of your company.

Our Virtual CFO Services support successful women-owned businesses by creating and executing strategies to intentionally manage, scale, and sustain day-to-day business and financial operations.

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Corporations don’t make major decisions without the input of their financial team because they must operate with intention and strategy every step of the way. You can adopt this key financial habit by adding Virtual CFO services to your support team.

It’s time to say goodbye to:


You can finally step into your CEO role with a fully outsourced accounting team to manage your day-to-day accounting and a trusted CFO advisor to help with your business strategy.

This is the full-service end-to-end solution for accounting, finances and business strategy. Are you ready to create a million-dollar system for your million-dollar business? We can help!

scaling alone is scary.

Look at how much you’ve grown your company. With massive growth comes increased support requirements—because scaling and maintaining a thriving business alone isn’t just scary. It’s nearly impossible. When you partner with The Finance Femme we take the guesswork out of your business finances.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with massive growth without a plan of action, you can operate with the ease and security of having financial support on your team.


Product based business that had a lot of OOS (out of stock) issues and was missing out on revenue.


Client was constantly selling out of certain items – which means she was losing revenue by being sold out of those skus. She was also grossly overstocked on other skus – which means she already lost money over buying on inventory that wasn’t moving.


Our team built a custom Inventory Model that calculated the amount of inventory to buy – by sku. This model helped determine exactly how much to purchase for certain promos (like Black Friday) also helped in determining if/when we should offer certain promos and what pricing should be offered.

What our clients are saying

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Claudia Pilgrim

CEO | capital consulting group llc

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Get Virtual CFO Services to Solidify Your Growth

Let us help you flourish beyond your expectations with done-for-you operations and financial services that deliver transformation and drive growth in your business.






If you are looking for a detail-oriented, reliable professional, Kendra and the whole Finance Femme team is it. What I love most about their team is the direct access they give their clients. Being able to message them at any time through my client dashboard was a game-changer for me. Running 3 businesses, my hours to communicate are unpredictable so this feature allows me to always feel comfortable with what was going on financially with my business. More importantly, everything is streamlined, documented, and recorded in one place has surpassed my expectations.


Kendra loves numbers, loves what she does and more importantly, truly cares about her clients’ success. I would recommend her services 10x over.

Yene Damtew | Owner, Aesthetics Salon

How to Know If Our Virtual CFO Services Are Right for You

As your business grows, your responsibilities become more sophisticated, requiring even more time and making it more challenging to create and maintain the proper systems and controls to operate effectively and efficiently. Now is the time to elevate your financial systems with The Finance Femme if you:

Are operating a successful multi-6- or 7-figure business

Want to work smarter, not harder

Are seeking a comprehensive solution to your financial needs

Strive for financial longevity and sustainability

Want to operate like a multi-million dollar corporation


Client that sells online courses had over $100k worth of sales that she made but hadn’t collected due to bad record keeping.


Client sold a high ticket online course that offered payment plans.. however she got overwhelmed with tracking what was due and paid… and ended up with over $100k of “sold courses” that she hadn’t collected… some of which was due from over a year ago.


Our team went line by line through all sales, payments and invoices to determine her proper collectable income. We cross referenced several systems (like Stripe, Paypal, bank account, etc.) to ensure that every penny due was accounted for. We then assisted the client by actually collecting those funds by reaching out to her customers in an organized & strategic way. We then built out and implemented a proper collections process to ensure this doesnt happen again in the future.

That’s great! Although we have an in-house Accounting Department & CPA, we also partner with existing professionals. If you’re unhappy with the professional you’re working with we can seamlessly transition you to our team.

No worries – we can set you up with ease! We specialize in properly setting up your Accounting systems (and fixing those that weren’t properly set up by someone else). It’s what we (love) to do!

Unfortunately, this happens too often. The good news is that we can definitely help. And I assure you that you will know what we’re doing, but more importantly you’ll see & feel the difference in your business & quality of life.

Our team can take care of all of your bookkeeping needs, and get your financial reporting caught up. We focus on bookkeeping and accounting – and can work directly with your Tax Preparer to get them what they need to file your tax returns. While we do not file the tax returns, we can help you get everything they need for your business.

On our Consultation Call, we will talk all about your business needs and I will give you my  specific recommendations and next steps for you. Simply click here to schedule the Consultation!

It’s one of our unique specialties! We can help you from beginning to end – budgeting for the position, sourcing talent, screening talent, onboarding, training, and more!