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Leave the Level Up to Us

Level Up is a hands-on, done-for-you service that helps profoundly successful women-owned businesses flourish by creating and executing strategies to manage, scale, and sustain day-to-day business and financial operations.

If you’re like most high-performing business owners, your plate is full. You’re engrossed in all aspects of running your 6 or 7-figure business empire, leaving little to no time to focus on providing more value to your clients or engaging in tasks that generate more profits.

As your business grows, your responsibilities become more sophisticated, requiring even more time and making it more challenging to create and maintain the proper systems and controls to operate effectively and efficiently. Now is the time to level up and let The Finance Femme team provide done-for-you virtual CFO services for your business.

Who is Level Up for?

If you’re going into a state of stress and overwhelm whenever you have to read over complex financial data, missing critical deadlines that cost you money, losing out on expansion opportunities that stunt your growth or experiencing rapid-fire profits without a plan of action, level up is for you. Level Up is for women who:

Are operating successful 6 and 7 figure businesses.

Want to reduce their 12-14 hour work days.

Want a comprehensive solution to their financial needs.

Are ready to take their businesses to the next level.

Want to step into the CEO role by outsourcing to a virtual CFO.

Strive for financial longevity and sustainability in business.

Want to operate like a multi-million dollar corporation in the making.

Want to position their business for long-term success.

Are you ready to create a million-dollar system for your million-dollar business? We can help!

Virtual CFO Services to keep your financial well-being and future in focus.

We understand the unwavering drive and focus it has taken for you to create a thriving business. Congrats - you’ve made it happen! Now it’s time to supercharge your passion, purpose, and profits. You can count on our team of experts led by virtual CFO Kendra “The Finance Femme” James-Anderson to fill in the gaps with specialized financial expertise that will drive your business into the next level of success.

Are you ready to join like-minded women and partner with us to create robust business solutions that will enhance your role as CEO by providing viable insight, analysis, and execution?

Elite Client Experience, September 2019
Elite Client Experience, September 2019

Turning your passion into profit takes strategy and support. Kendra has helped me to understand on a deeper level how to scale my businesses. I’m so thankful for our VIP weekend in Dallas. I love when women can come together to celebrate each other’s greatness and grow.
Q. Nicole McNair

Virtual CFO Services to Solidify Your Growth

Let us help you flourish beyond your expectations with done-for-you operations and financial services that deliver transformation and drive growth in your business.

  • Cash Flow Management

    We’ll enhance your accounts payable and receivables processes as well as monitor your available cash on hand for operations, savings, and growth.

  • Inventory Analysis

    We’ll manage inventory levels to control costly over/under stocking issues and implement a pricing strategy that creates maximum net profits.

  • Strategic Planning and Financial Strategies

    We’ll step into the role as your strategic partners by creating detailed plans and strategies that align with your current and future goals.

  • Custom Report Dashboard

    We’ll design and maintain a custom business dashboard to help you easily monitor the reports you need, all in one place.

  • Sourcing Operational Support

    We'll partner with you to find A+ support for your team. Whether that is your next full time or part time hire; or other consultants like marketing experts or attorneys.

  • Budgets and Expense Management

    We’ll create budgets based on current and future needs, design workflow approval systems to reduce needless spending and negotiate more favorable vendor rates.

Our Promise to You

The Finance Femme is a team of problem solvers. We help serious business women take the business they’ve dreamed about and make it a solid, profitable and sustainable business.

Level Up Success Stories

Every day you work tirelessly in support of your vision. Your unrelenting drive and unwavering determination have elevated your business to its current plateau.

You know there’s a higher peak with your name on it, and we’d love to help you reach it. View the success stories of other women we’ve helped level up in business.

The Finance Femme Team Is Your Team

One of the things I really love about working with your team is that you all keep me organized. I have to make sure that financially everything makes sense. And with the projections and knowing about cash flow, I’m able to anticipate my finances.

Arielle Loren

As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work.” At The Finance Femme, our virtual CFO team becomes an extension of your business.

This philosophy allows us to successfully deliver a wealth of knowledge and skills as we manage your unique requirements. We’re invested in helping your business flourish by providing hands-on, done-for-you business, finance, and operations management through our Level Up service.

We won’t just hand you a to-do-list and send you a bill. On the contrary, we manage all the moving parts and pieces for you. This hands-on, done-for-you business model is what sets us apart, so you can have confidence and peace of mind knowing that your business and financial operations are expertly monitored and managed by a team that wants to see you win.

You’re a Trailblazer!

Seamlessly exploring and executing options and opportunities to share your secret magic with the world while doing the work that sets your soul on fire.

Game-changing women like you are why we do what we do and we’d be honored to help you blaze new paths and trails of success and prosperity.

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