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Give your business the executive treatment.

You’re a woman with drivedetermination, and dreams.

And for some time now, your instincts haven’t let you down. You’ve built a booming business, and you’re watching your dreams blossom.

But lately, running your entire company solely on your gut instincts feels... overwhelming.

In fact, you’ve been feeling stressed, uncertain, overwhelmed, and worried that it could all turn to complete chaos if you make one wrong move.

One wrong investment.
One wrong late payment.
One wrong fire or hire.

Up until now you feel like…

You’ve neglected your finances and aren’t sure how your money functions. You made $50,000 in sales one month and wonder why your bank account barely increased…
 You can’t get through those bills, quotes and proposals piling up because there’s no system in place and no time to catch up…
 You don’t know what to do with your Accountant or CPA’s reports, because figuring out how it applies to your overall business feels confusing…
Honestly… All you want to do is focus on doing what you love. You need something to ease your business back-end confusion, and let you find peace of mind.
You need support.

That support starts right here. 

My Virtual CFO service provides insight and oversight to the finance, accounting, and operations of your business.

Imagine having your own Virtual Chief Financial Officer, helping you streamline your business operations and finesse your finances, so you can have peace of mind and get back to doing what you love.

I’m here to help you succeed at creating an efficient, money-making business that makes you happy.

Are you ready to give your business the executive treatment? 


Danny Rivers Mitchell

Owner, Black Girls Travel Too

“Kendra James is such a necessity when it comes to not only cleaning up your financial records, but assisting you in pricing your services and products properly.  She always has her clients best interest in mind.  Her high touch commitment to her genius and creative approach to making numbers fun for her clients is unparalleled.  With The Finance Femme’s assistance, I am now able to look at my business through a new lens of growth.  Knowing my numbers no longer stress me out, but empower me as a true entrepreneur.”


Nikki Amini

Owner, Brows By Nikki

Kendra has been a tremendous help to me over the years and I highly recommend her. She's knowledgeable, professional, and breaks things down in a way that is very easy to understand.


Crystal Barnett

Owner EyeCandy Waxing & Threading Brow Salons

My experience working with Kendra has been awesome! She's very detailed and easy to talk to. She is very professional and knows her stuff. I feel my business is in good hands. My learning style is compatible with her presentation of information.

Yasmine Salem Hamdan

Owner, YSH Law Firm

My experience with The Finance Femme has been phenomenal. Kendra is a professional in every sense of the word. She provides clarity to me as a business owner on my business' finances & allows me to focus on developing other areas of my business instead of being caught up in the organization of financials. It is important to me to be familiar with my company's financial progression; Kendra makes it easy to digest & be aware of its status at all times. I recommend Kendra to any business owner looking to bring on a solid team member and advisor.

Princess Pope

Princess Pope

Owner/Buyer, Guns And Roses Boutique

“Before working with Kendra, I hate to say it but my financials were all over the place.  Kendra came in and not only addressed the problem but she put formulas in place to make everything make sense.  Owning a small business I always thought I could handle everything myself but I was incorrect.  You have to work with an expert and Kendra is just that!”

Tax Time Checklist

Taxes can be one of the most confusing parts of running your own business. So here at The Finance Femme, we created the tax solution to help with your tax needs… and whether you want to work with a professional or would prefer to D-I-Y, use this checklist to help you properly prepare

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